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Two Companies,

One Common Objective

Founded in 1989,Just-Kris Distributing has thrived by providing great service and hauling freight in a timely manner. Just-Kris Distributing is headquartered in Asheboro, NC and offers hauling services for all the contiguous states. Because of the success of Just-Kris, Kristin Transport was founded to reach a wider customer base. Kristin Transport is a brokerage company that works with other distributing companies and owner/operators to broaden our hauling capabilities. Both Just-Kris and Kristin Transport specialize in flatbed and van hauling and carry a wide range of building materials.

Just-Kris Distributing and Kristin Transport both have one common objective of delivering freight on time and exceeding the customer's expectations. In our industry, we understand that communication is key and we pride ourselves on maintaining constant communication with our customers. At Just-Kris, we pride ourselves as a blue collar company with a strong work ethic and we always stand behind our work.

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